The incredible indie explosion: White Lung


There’s a good argument to be made that White Lung has been the Vancouver underground’s number-one breakout band of 2012. The riot-punk unit’s second full-length, Sorry, has led to gushing coverage everywhere from Spin to Alternative Press to some website named Pitchfork. When not howling for White Lung—which includes guitarist Kenny William, bassist Grady Mackintosh, and drummer Anne-Marie Vassiliou—singer Mish Way can be found dancing until dawn at Joseph Richard, a boutique nightclub.

Best local release other than yours:

White Poppy’s I Had a Dream. White Poppy is this new project by this girl named Crystal Dorval where she plays all the instruments. It’s probably the most interesting release of this year from a new local band. It’s ambient, low-end heavy, but freakishly melodic. I listen to it when I write. I never expected to like it as much as I do. It makes me think of opiates.”

The year’s best gig:

“Peace is probably my favourite band right now in Vancouver. I remember seeing them on May 12 at the ANZA Club. It was a really weird show—the venue is kind of weird there now because it reminds you of a Whistler bar or something. But Peace played really good that night. I love watching that band play live.”

What classic never leaves the turntable?

“Them’s The Angry Young Them. Them is Van Morrison’s band before he branched off and became a solo guy. I grew up listening to that stuff—my dad really likes Van Morrison. My mother’s mother lives on a farm in Quebec, about an hour-and-a-half outside of Montreal. We’d go to the farm when we were kids, and my dad and uncle would always be playing Van Morrison and old Them records. It reminds me of being on the farm as a kid, with those guys smoking and drinking and singing along.”

Where are we impressing your out-of-town friends?

“I hate entertaining out-of-town guests. I hate being a host. I don’t even like people coming over to my house that much. However, if I had to, I would take my out-of-town guests for Japanese tapas at Toshi’s on Main and 16th [181 East 16th Avenue] and make them foot the bill. Just kidding. Obviously, I would pay with my bountiful musician’s salary. Then I’d drop them off at a hotel with their bags.”

Like LMFAO, who’s sexy and knows it?

“Daniel Pitout of Nü Sensae. He’s shirtless 80 percent of his life. It works.”

Uncle Morty left you his fortune. Where are you opening a venue?

“In the basement of Joseph Richard’s Boutique Nightclub on Granville Street
[1082 Granville Street], for personal reasons.”

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