Savage Love Column

There are risks and rewards to webcamming, and if you're planning on a career as a teacher or a cop or a politician, it’s possible that pics and videos could come back to haunt you.
It usually takes being dumped several dozen times before a guy like your boyfriend starts to do the hard work of unpacking and dismantling his assholery.
Knowing what to omit and avoid is just as important as honesty and communication.
Now, I do not know if I can continue dating him, and I feel like a small-minded bigot.
Last week, students at Centenary College of Louisiana submitted more Qs than I could possibly A in 90 minutes.
Over the last few years, I have stumbled across evidence of his browsing habits that left me pretty clear about his proclivities.
My wife and I have both cheated on each other, but I'm still not ready to file for divorce papers.
Genitals are magical, mysterious places of wonder.
Getting help through a doctor or therapist is the best way to increase your chances of having sex.
I'm excited by the idea of my wife having sex with another man.