Savage Love Column

Acknowledge the discomfort and awkwardness (D & A) that has been created while simultaneously drawing attention to the fact that said D & A are not of your creation.
I enjoy inserting needles directly into my clitoris. Am I potentially causing permanent nerve damage?
When a person says she wants something sexual to happen “naturally”, what she means is “spontaneously”.
I know there are BDSM clubs, but is there another way I can connect with spanking people?
If you suspect that your son is into assplay, consider purchasing a few ass-appropriate toys for him.
While a wedding ring on a straight married man (or woman) will be assumed to mean “taken and off-limits”, the same assumption doesn’t apply in the case of a married gay man.
My partner's desire to bring another woman into our relationship borders on obsession.
You can pathologize your kinks by viewing them as rooted in the violence you were exposed to as a child, or you can take comfort in the fact that there’s no proven link between abuse and kinks.
A straight male friend practises sounding and has for years, and I'm pretty sure he does other things that he isn’t telling anyone about.
Practise saying, “I’m new at this, I’m a little nervous, and I’m feeling a little awkward.”