Savage Love Podcast

A gay man has gone above and beyond to fulfill his partner's fireman fantasy. How can he get a little reciprocation?
Dan councils a heart-broken lesbian with universal advice for the recently rejected.
This episode is riddled with parents creeping out their kids.
Dan speaks with Seattle sex workers Mistress Matisse, Savannah Sly, and Delia DeLions about the biz.
Sure, Jeopardy boy can handle minute details about the Spanish-American war, but how does he fare when confronted with questions about naked men running through the halls?
Advice for a woman whose dear friend has cut off all contact with females in his life because he has been diagnosed with sex addiction.
Mollena Williams, aka "The Perverted Negress", returns to talk about the kinky men you'll meet online.
She dumped him because he didn't so much kiss her as stab her with his tongue sword.
It's the live Valentine's Day show, taped at Seattle's Neptune Theatre.
Dan chats with Hanna Rosin (author of The End of Men) on women's changing relationship with their careers vs. partners.