Savage Love Podcast

A woman's libido plummeted right around the time that her boyfriend's mother moved in to the apartment below them. Coincidence?
A high school teacher and his entire class is horrified to see a female student masturbating in class.
A straight man is horrified by misogynistic, abusive porn. Why is it popular? How can he avoid it?
Dan welcomes Erika Moen, graphic artist and creator of "Oh Joy, Sex Toy", a must-read comic.
Wait. You haven't yet heard "My Brother, My Brother and Me?"
This week Dan speaks with Janet Yassen from the national rape support organization RAINN about recovering your sexuality after a sexual assault.
Dan and the incomparable RuPaul chat about Drag Race, foot fetishes, and living in Wyoming.
It's the triumphant return of Dr. Barak, here to reassure us that drinking pee is still "pretty darn safe".
Delusion and dysfunction; this episode has more than its fair share.
It's the Savage Lovecast Live from Vancouver, B.C.