Savage Love Podcast

A woman enjoys sharing naked photos of herself. Her friends warn her against it. But it gets her off, so why should she listen to them?
A woman is shocked to learn that her best friend is a trans woman. Why did she keep it secret? Should the caller feel betrayed?
What do you do when your potential new roommate comes with his very own stalker?
Dan and his old co-host Mary Martone talk about cat jealousy, mate poaching, and have an epic, drag-out battle over fat-shaming.
This week, Dan welcomes author Joan Price to talk about sexuality for older folks.
Take it from us, whatever you do—don't offend the adult baby.
A gay man is getting cat-called by his horn-dog neighbor. How can he politely tell him to knock it off?
Dan and his buddy Lucy chat about spanking, cheating, pervy cousins, and sleeping with the cab driver.
A lesbian wonders how to let her potential employers know that she's gay during her job interview.