Savage Love Podcast

Dan and his buddy Lucy chat about spanking, cheating, pervy cousins, and sleeping with the cab driver.
A lesbian wonders how to let her potential employers know that she's gay during her job interview.
Dan welcomes special guest ranter Martha Plimpton to talk about Hobby Lobby.
Straight men declare their love for him more than gay men do. Why? And how can he make it stop?!
A woman still living with her ex-husband and son wonders how poly people balance all those boyfriends and girlfriends.
A woman doesn't understand why her married male friends keep hitting on her. What signal is she sending out and how can she make it stop?
There ain't no such thing as a free trip to the Caribbean with someone who wants to get in your pants.
Is he being unreasonable, or is she the mayor of Crazytown?
A woman notices that her gay friend is dating younger and younger guys. At what point does young become too young?