Locals are making everything from sex products to cell models with 3-D printers.
The university is assessing the feasibility of accepting the cryptocurrency for some payments and installing Bitcoin ATMs in its bookstores.
PeerRenters allows people to rent out things they own to others in the same area.
A survey of Lower Mainland health facilities confirmed that the region’s larger hospitals are woefully lagging behind patients’ and family members’ demands for Wi-Fi.
Inspired by Bitcoin, Canadian companies develop CryptoAid, GENERcoin, and Kailakoin.
A new report makes the case that “sweeping legislative measures” are unnecessary when it comes to the regulation of Bitcoin in Canada.
Organizers already have a date and venue scheduled for next year's Vancouver Web Fest.
Two federal parties accepting cryptocurrency contributions.
There’s never been a crowdfunding website like Satoshi Vote, according to founder Rene-Lee Sylvain.
Canada’s anti-spam legislation came into effect on July 1, 2014.