The recent shutdown of TPB was a political act. It was not an outdated business model or technology failing.
Our motto is evolve or die. TPB never evolved.
We are writing to you as privacy enforcement authorities to highlight an important privacy issue for individuals, related to mobile applications.
Clad Innovations hopes to raise $110,000 with Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.
Just in time for the holidays, here’s more electronic goodness than you could ever fit in a stocking.
Decentral Vancouver is a community incubator for disruptive and decentralized technology that is ground zero for the local cryptocurrency scene.
In Vancouver, Ladies Learning Code holds its volunteer-run workshops at least once a month.
Stand-alone units facing competition from smartphone apps.
The Non-Partisan Association is vowing to establish a Mayor’s Innovation Council aimed at drawing technology investment to the city.
The book also provides insights into how to avoid being ripped off by scamsters who rely on Twitter and Facebook.