Travel Notes

The queen of raunch headlines the festival, which has dropped its name WinterPRIDE after 23 years.
The big new flagship store at Howe and Dunsmuir offers sit-down chats with well-travelled staff.
Vancouver Rowing Club members aim to honour the memory of those who fought and died in World War One.
There's no need to stop in Toronto or Montreal en route to the City of Lights.
It's now easier to get to this Caribbean destination from YVR.
Over 50 food and wine events run until October 5.
After Deborah Phyllis Maureen Smith settled in her seat on a plane from Vancouver to Toronto in 2012, something unexpected happened.
Early Bird tickets for September 13 event expected to sell out quickly
Images of warm beaches, roaring waterfalls, and pristine landscapes came to life on a giant screen in a packed ballroom at a Vancouver hotel.