Urban cycling helmet by SAHN Helmets is understated and modern


What: Urban cycling helmet by SAHN Helmets

Where: Walrus (3408 Cambie Street)

Price Tag: $129

Why: Wearing a bike helmet when riding is a no-brainer but finding one that complements your wardrobe is easier said than done, especially when you cycle to work. Check out this slick one by Vancouver-based designer SAHN Helmets; the company’s philosophy is “about riding. Not racing,” which may account for the laid-back look of their product. The equestrian-inspired silhouette is understated and modern, perfect for zipping around the city. Try pairing this with a slim-fitting suit and a messenger bag for your next office commute. It is also available in both matte and gloss versions of black, tan, and white, as well as a limited-edition grey matte one.

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curious cat
I do not like it as it looks like a army helmet
Rating: -5
Maribel Valdez
I love this helmet it is nice and snug around your head and looks great!
Rating: +1
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