Urban Living

In our Urban Living section, we look at why Hastings Street is drawing new residents and restaurants; plus, tricks to mixing vintage with new décor, lavish local linens, and more.
From small businesses to large condo developments, the surge of interest along and around East Hastings Street is remarkable.
At the B.C. Home + Garden Show, Vancouver’s Jennifer Scott dishes tricks to putting old with new
Step into Ellen Walde’s bright, sunlit studio in North Vancouver, and the first thing that envelops you is the pleasantly crisp, grassy smell of fresh linen.
If art is a form of self-expression, then Jonathon Litchfield is, without doubt, an artist.
West Coast wonders, keepsake teacups, snazzy storage ideas, and reclaimed furniture.
For condo dwellers with no bottle space, Drew Malcolm has the right conditions at 13C Wine Storage.
Many believe that Vancouver was the first to approve them, but Maple Ridge council voted in favour ahead of everyone else
Murphy beds, organics seats, textile screens, and cycle-chic tables are what's new in store for fall.