Urban Living

If you live in Vancouver, less isn’t more. It’s what you can afford.
In our Urban Living section, we look at the draws of living in "LoLo", a new green hub, sleek new patio containers, and city folks who are raising bees and chickens.
Being so close to downtown Vancouver is part of what draws many people to Lower Lonsdale.
You’re in East Vancouver, and all of this is happening on a standard-size plot of land, just steps away from the Commercial Drive SkyTrain station.
Look to rectangles and triangles, bamboo and bushes for secluded condo-balcony paradise, say the experts.
These modular clay ensembles have energy, depth, and room to breathe, and from an interior-design perspective, they’re very versa-“tile”, too.
If eco-minded urbanites think the term hub seems to be popping up everywhere these days, it’s not their imaginations.
While it may not be possible for all urbanites to host outdoor dinner parties at home, there are still ways to enjoy eating and drinking outdoors—yes, even if your patio is Lilliputian.
In our Urban Living section, we look at why Hastings Street is drawing new residents and restaurants; plus, tricks to mixing vintage with new décor, lavish local linens, and more.
From small businesses to large condo developments, the surge of interest along and around East Hastings Street is remarkable.