Video Games Live returns to Vancouver


Musician and composer Tommy Tallarico will be back in Vancouver with Video Games Live for a show at the Orpheum on November 6. In a Skype interview with the Straight, the impresario said that more than two-thirds of the segments that will be performed have never been played in Canada before. The concert will include music from recent game releases Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Diablo III. Four members of the audience will be invited on stage to play Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Brawl with the orchestra providing a real-time soundtrack to the competition.

Christopher Tin will conduct the shows for the entire Canadian segment of the world tour; Tallarico was packing to depart Chile for Brazil during the interview. Tin took home a Grammy last year for his song “Baba Yetu”, the theme for strategy game Civilization IV. It was the first time a song composed for a video game won a Grammy.

Tickets for Video Games Live range from $35 to $65. A VIP package priced at $150 includes an album, a signed poster, the best seats in the house, backstage passes, a pre-show reception with Tallarico, and front-of-line access for the meet and greet that happens after every Video Games Live show.

And while November 6 also marks the release of Halo 4, Tallarico recommends that fans wait until the next day to begin playing. Some special guests from Bungie, the studio that created the franchise, will be at the show, according to Tallarico. “And you never know what surprises we might have for Halo fans,” he added.

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