Your horoscope for December 13 to 19, 2012

As of Thursday, it’s forward-thrust time. The Sagittarius new moon, occurring at 12:42 a.m., is the last high-tide supermoon of 2012. When this archetype is emphasized, we’re on a major mission. We go further. We travel. It travels. There’s increase or inflation, actual and emotional. Sagittarius, the “grow beyond” sign, can further alienate and stretch the distance between hearts and between philosophies.

Adding an extra stimulus or a fresh-jolt feel to this new moon, Uranus in Aries ends retrograde at 4:02 a.m. Mercury trine Uranus on Friday keeps the buzz well-lit. This is an aspect of innovation and ingenuity, ready rapport, fast-tracked communication, social sparks, and serendipitous meetings and discoveries.

Starting Saturday, Venus in Sagittarius can also increase optimism, merrymaking, size, and output. We’ll feel, talk, spend, and indulge more, especially thanks to Venus square Neptune. Building to Sunday mid-morning, Venus/Neptune is a lax, pleasure-seeking, and feel-good influence, but it’s also one of susceptibility, rose-coloured glasses, and flirtation or promise without delivery.

On Monday morning, watch for big news, a vote, a resurgence, a runoff, an offload, or a spinoff. The known or unknown sets the next play in motion. It’s a critical time for negotiations, transportation safety, commerce, speculative matters/undertakings, and future prospects. Mercury/Jupiter can spark an ultimatum, reach a point of no return, or reveal a new factor, option, or solution. On Wednesday, Venus trine Uranus delivers fresh opportunity.

March 19 - April 19

As of Thursday, you’ll thrust onto an acceleration curve. You can gain, attain, or accomplish what wasn’t within sight only a short time ago. Easy come, aptly timed, or ready-made, Thursday through Saturday delivers the goods. Sunday morning is for savouring and lazing about. Monday delivers major news and/or a big decision. Financial or social, Wednesday is fortuitous.

April 19 - May 20

Thursday’s supermoon revs up financial and/or intimate-relationship matters. Once it sparks, that undeniable sense of destiny, déjà vu, or soul-mate connection follows, so much so that you can switch onto a fresh page without a second glance. Thursday through Saturday and mid next week onward, high hopes and expectations show good promise. Still, keep a grip on reality.

May 20 - June 20

A social cycle and/or shopping spree now boosts you with a dynamic second wind. Thursday’s supermoon also fans the fire of desire. Wherever you aim, whatever you say, it’ll work for you exceptionally well Thursday through Sunday. Enjoy, partake, dance, laugh, lavish, or charge it up. On Monday and Tuesday, you can feel stretched, confused, or out of sorts. Wednesday puts you on a fast bounce-back.


June 20 - July 22

On Thursday and Friday, you should find yourself especially quick on the uptake. Once you get your information, answer, or opportunity, don’t overlook or override it; race ahead with it. Correct, heal, repair, or revive where necessary. Searching for a better solution, agent, advisor, or job? This next week offers up better prospects and shortens the route to your goal.

July 22 - August 22

If the holiday onslaught hasn’t gotten to you yet, it will now. Thursday’s supermoon is especially animating. You’ll be the most effervescent elf in the room, or you’ll be completely preoccupied with planning your best escape route. Thursday through Saturday, your actions, words, personal connections, performance skills, luck, and opportunities are at a peak. Monday and Tuesday can drain, flood, or sweep you away.

August 22 - September 22

A new home-and-family chapter begins. You should find that plans fall into place naturally and readily. A social weekend couldn’t be better timed. Aim to wrap up shopping or other loose ends while the stars are on your side. Thursday’s raise-the-bar supermoon also launches an important living-with-yourself chapter. Monday/Tuesday delivers increase, release, surprise opportunity, or an announcement.

September 22 - October 22

Thursday through Saturday, you’ll see talks, plans, prospects, and gatherings click together very well, just as they should. The Sagittarius supermoon sets legal matters, contract negotiations, and paperwork into faster motion. It also increases opportunity for travel, teaching, publishing, performing, and financial gain. No matter what role he or she plays, someone new can be of tremendous benefit or influence.

October 22 - November 21

Whether you’ve designed it or it’s evolving on its own, a future course is now setting the next play into action. On the bigger-picture scale, there’s more to things than you know. Thursday, Friday, and next Wednesday are especially opportune. Ambitions, activities, and interactions can meet with instant gratification. Monday’s stars prompt a big expenditure, a major output, or a big step forward.

November 21 - December 21

The Sagittarius supermoon could shoot you out of the starting gate like a racehorse on a mission. Thursday through Saturday and next Wednesday/Thursday, you are especially hot stuff. Let your playfulness, creativity, or consciousness run free. Starting Saturday, Venus brightens prospects and encourages you to go for it. It turns you into quite the attention-getter too. On Monday, you can’t hold back. Don’t.

December 21 - January 20

You have a lot more going on than most would know. So far, you’ve been able to keep it under cover well. Watch for Thursday’s new moon and Monday’s Mercury/Jupiter opposition to reveal, expose, or instigate. Thursday through Saturday and Wednesday/Thursday, synchronicity and intuition thrust you a big step ahead of the game—yours and theirs.

January 20 - February 18

Firing full steam ahead, Thursday’s supermoon can herald a sendoff, a sign-off, or the start of an excellent adventure. Through the weekend, the spark’s alive and the signal’s coming on strong. You could bump into more people, spot the perfect “it”, be a super salesperson, and/or find yourself ready with great ideas, plans, and conversation.

February 18 - March 19

Expect to be up to your eyeballs in family back and forth. You may not want the added responsibility or headache, but you’re the best person to take charge of organization. Through Saturday, the stars bless you with clever thinking, ease, instant rapport, and pleasing results. Monday to Thursday delivers even more.