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Apr 24 Thu
Instant Coffee: The hero, the villain, the salesman, the parent, a sidekick and a servant
To Apr. 27
Teck Gallery
SFU Harbour Centre, 515 W. Hastings, Vancouver
new installation that operates as a stage or set for social framing and interaction and blurs the lines between the work, participants, and audience
Apr 24 Thu
Who Knows
To Jun 1
Contemporary Art Gallery
555 Nelson, Vancouver
new neon installation by Tim Etchells
Apr 24 Thu
Anne Frank—A History for Today
To May 30
Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre
50–950 W. 41st, Vancouver
exhibit illuminates the effect of National Socialism on the Frank family through photos, narratives, and artefacts. Also features artefacts of child survivors who settled in Canada after the war
Apr 24 Thu
Rewilding Vancouver
To Sept 1
Museum of Vancouver
1100 Chestnut, Vancouver
exhibition explores our relationship with nature through the lens of historical ecology, as seen in taxidermy specimens, 3-D models, soundscapes, videos, and photo interventions that challenge our perception of what is natural to Vancouver
Apr 24 Thu
A Terrible Beauty
To May 26
Vancouver Art Gallery
750 Hornby, Vancouver
images of natural and man-made landscapes by Toronto-based photographer Edward Burtynsky
Apr 24 Thu
Definitely Dali
To May 12
Chali-Rosso Art Gallery
2250 Granville, Vancouver
exhibition featuring 10 sculptures by Spanish artist Salvador Dali
Apr 24 Thu
Fakes & Forgeries
To May 24
Surrey Museum
17710 56A Ave., Surrey, Surrey
learn how to tell authentic pieces from sly forgeries with this interactive exhibit from the Royal Ontario Museum
Apr 24 Thu
Komagata Maru: 100 Years Later
To Jul 12
Surrey Museum
17710 56A Ave., Surrey, Surrey
exhibit tells the social story of the Komagata Maru through image, sound, and video
Apr 24 Thu
Myfanwy MacLeod, Or There and Back Again
To Jun 8
Vancouver Art Gallery
750 Hornby, Vancouver
new works influenced by the music of Led Zeppelin and the works of J.R.R. Tolkien
Apr 24 Thu
Sylvie Rochette
To Apr 25
Le Centre Culturel Francophone De Vancouver
1551 W. 7th, Vancouver
works by the Canadian artist