Spirit's Call Choir



To Jun 14, 7:15-9:15 pm, every Wednesday


Free admission


Performing Arts, Fundraisers & Charity

Is your spirit calling you to sing? If you can talk, you can sing! And there's no time like the present! Come on out and join the FUN!

SING FOR MENTAL HEALTH! We sing uplifting songs from all genres in an effort to raise the vibration of the planet! We sing for personal, choral and global harmony - and most importantly for charity. This year will be donating all proceeds of our concerts to The Canadian Mental Health Association and The Harvest Project.

RELAX AND RECHARGE - Every Wednesday you can enjoy 2 hours of singing in community with a homemade ginger tea break half way through! Meet like minded folks who want to connect and sing for a purpose.

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. That's right! If you're new to singing, or haven't sung since you were a kid... WE WANT YOU! And we'll show you how to have as much FUN & FREEDOM singing as you did when you were a kid!

EXPERIENCED DIRECTION - Sandi Melody is a yoga instructor and an expert vocal technique coach of 23 years and Jeremy Vallance is band leader and an expert large group choral conductor of 11 years - together the dynamic duo know how to bring out the best in everyone!

Each week we'll sing several songs in 2 - 7 part harmony! You'll be AMAZED what we can accomplish in 2 hours! You'll also learn great vocal warm ups, and skill building exercises including ear training (brain-gym). From Bach to The Beatles, Folk, World, Pop, Jazz & Blues - a guaranteed feel good experience!

DROP IN'S WELCOME! More details: spiritscallchoir.ca

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