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    SPEND TWO FUN-FILLED DAYS EXPLORING THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY! VFS is very pleased to offer high school programs for the upcoming Spring Break (2017) that are open to students in grades 9-12. These programs are competitively priced ($99 for 2 days of training) and run in 2 day block formats. Students can select 1 to 3 program options (2 to 6 total days of study).

    These intensive and industry-focused short programs are a hit with high school students because they provide a window into our unique educational model, people, incredible campuses/resources, and creative industries. Students will have fun and make connections with potential study/career paths in a low-risk learning format and for a low cost.

    Open to students in Grades 9–12, the March Break camps feature hands-on workshops led by experienced professionals in 3D Animation + VFX, Acting, Makeup, Digital Design, Film Production, Writing or Game Design + Programming. Students can learn about B.C.’s booming creative economy, and discover how VFS’s unique one-year intensive education model can quickly launch a career in the industry.

    Option 1: Film and Media Spring Break Camps: https://vfs.edu/events/creative-break

    Option 2: Acting Spring Break Camps: https://vfs.edu/events/acting-highschool

    Brook Taylor, VFS Event Coordinator
    Phone: 604-685-5808, Ext.3095
    E-mail: btaylor@vfs.com

    Social and High School Outreach
    Megan Schmidt-Frede, VFS Event Coordinator
    Phone: 604-631-3071
    E-mail: megans@vfs.com

    Daria Kosicka, VFS High School Outreach Coordinator
    Phone: 604-685-5808, Ext.3565
    E-mail: dkosicka@vfs.com

    Programs Details
    Ted Gervan, VFS Director of Education
    Phone: 604-631-3557
    E-mail: tgervan@vfs.com

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