MICKFEST 2017: Fundraiser for Mick Tupelo




    Tix $12


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    MICKFEST 2017
    The Bad Beats
    Wett Stilettos
    Wichita Trip
    Steady Teddy & The K-Train Babies
    Country Club Hustlers
    Crimson Clovers

    Friday April 21st @ Pat's Pub & Brewhouse
    403 E Hastings, Vancouver / Doors 830pm / $12


    a few years ago Mick was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy and was forced to retire early from his job of nearly 20 years and soon after, cease playing music all together. his condition has led to accidents, further increasing his already significant medical bills and in this past year his limbs have weakened to the point where a motorized wheelchair is required which has been denied by his insurance provider. we're really hoping to raise some dough that could illeviate some pressure on Mr Tupelo and get him closer to covering some of these costs.

    cover for the show is $12 but please feel free to pay more if you can. we will likely have a raffle with prizes as well and a donation site set up for those who can't attend but would like to help ♥

    *Poster by Richard Katynski

    Places to go nearby approx. 15 minutes away