How to Remember





    How to Remember contains a range of documentation that combines graphic illustration, knitting, book-making, embroidery, journaling and poetry. The artists have formed creative records that serve as a kind of memory. Their work documents time embedded for example, in acts of gentrification on one's neighbourhood or in transitional states of mental health—these at times imperceptible changes that, without notation, become difficult to track.

    All of the artists engage research and experimentation as they document. Their work has developed necessarily through dialogue and social intervention employing a range of practices that address health, pain, ability and access—all of which is approached through experiential means. Lived experiences with disability, addiction, precarious labour, long-term hospitalization, chronic illness and displacement become personal, political and pedagogical. Yet, the visual outcomes are compelling, generative and dialogic as they form connections, determine wellness and foreground the will to thrive.

    Works from the following artists will be featured: anonymous artist, Mercedes Eng, Taryn Goodwin, Sima Elizabeth Shefrin, and Sonrisa.