Palimptexts: Invisibilization and Acts of Surfacing




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    "Palimptexts: Invisibilization and Acts of Surfacing" is a group exhibition put on by The No Matter What Collective and The Capture Photography Festival. These photo-based art works surface aspects of our culture that are denied, unacknowledged and, thereby, invisibilized. Karen Moe and Michael Maclean are creating totemic acts of complicity and connection between the violence waged against the Mexican people and First World drug consumption. Bobbi Sue Smith is documenting the violence of unacknowledged experiences and intimate spaces on the margins of Vancouver. Rena Del Pieve Gobbi is transferring sensual gestures to silk. The time consuming process of using liquid light to create photographs on fabric is a metaphor for taking care of oneself in healing from sexual trauma and the time required for healing. Using found images combined with text, Janet Sadel is making photo-based artworks that depict the convoluted messages in everyday encounters with our media saturated environment. Fundraiser for Nacidos Para Triumfar (Born to Triumph) a Mexican NGO working to prevent vulnerable youth from joining drug cartels. Opening April 21 7pm. Artist Talks Sunday April 23rd and Sunday April 30th 12pm-3pm.