Summer Series ~ Sacred Lotus Chi Kung



  • To Jul 27, 6:30-8:30 pm


Tix $150/120



This ongoing new series, introducing us to “Chi Kung state”, is open to anyone wishing to explore a new approach to personal energy systems, the universal flow of chi around us, and our personal connection to the Universal Divine. This path of development offers a complete system of postures, breathing, meditation and healing techniques complemented by the sacred and powerful practice of prayer.

In the Sacred Lotus Chi Series you can expect to:
Heighten awareness and deepen your connection to the universal flow;
Expand your energy, relieve stress and chronic muscle tension;
Open the heart connection to yourself and others;
Experience the state of emptiness, oneness with the Tao;
Live more in the present moment, and feel the aliveness of our natural state of existence.

Renate Geier, a certified instructor of 7-Lotus Chi Kung Canada, has been studying Chi Kung (and Meditation, Energy Work and Healing Practices, Psycho-Corporal Body Work and Shamanism) for more than a decade. She is deeply appreciative of the many gifts her practice has brought her; and it is now her passion to share these techniques, helping others connect to the natural flow of life and the universal energy of chi.