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Oct 25 Sat
A Halloween Carol
Oct 25, 7:30 pm
St. Andrew's-Wesley United Church
1022 Nelson
The Oculus Chamber Choir and the Royal Canadian College of Organists present a ghost-filled tale of a miser who goes on a journey to the gates of Hell.
Oct 25 Sat
Betty Who
Oct 25, doors 7 pm, show 7:30 pm
881 Granville, Vancouver
Australian pop singer-songwriter, with guests Joywave and Great Good Fine OK.
Oct 25 Sat
Black, Red, and Blonde, Rez Blues Featuring Murray Porter
Oct 25
Fairview Pub
898 W. Broadway, Vancouver
Oct 25 Sat
Carnival of Death Tour 2014
Oct 25, doors 6:30 pm
Rickshaw Theatre
254 E. Hastings, Vancouver
Death-metal acts Suffocation and Kataklysm coheadline, with guests Jungle Rot, Pyrexia, Internal Bleeding, and Zuckuss.
Oct 25 Sat
Chant Your Heart Open CONCERT
Oct 25, 8 pm
Yoga West
2662 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
With Jai Gopal on guitar and vocals. FEATURING Dan Huget on violin, James Smith on bass, Kelsea Broe on vocals. Join us and chant mantras and invoke different aspects of the One Infinite Reality. Good for the soul. Mantras are powerful sound vibrations which are capable of transforming energy at all levels of creation. We'll be blending original songs, mantras and meditation. The age-old tradition of mantra chanting is a valuable tool on the spiritual path. It can be used by anyone looking for inner peace and joy, regardless of their belief system. It is a powerful way of connecting with the Divine, and can help reach a deep state of bliss. See for more information. $20 in advance / $25 at the door To purchase a ticket, see Come celebrate life through sound and silence. Why Chant Mantras? Mantra, as used in Kundalini yoga, is a specific technology that uses sound vibration to affect and elevate consciousness, as well as to heal on all levels. It is a specific combination of syllables mainly used from an ancient language (Ghurmuki), which is based heavily on the Naad, or science of sound. These sounds or vibrations tune, quieten and focus the mind. These specific combinations of syllables, words, phrases and rhythms hold power in their meaning and sound current to create different healing effects in the body and also to elevate consciousness. By repeating them, we increase their power. When we vibrate these sounds, we are tuning into specific frequencies of consciousness - a bit like a TV or radio tuning into different channels. The universe reflects back to us what we vibrate out. If we vibrate and tune into a frequency of healing and abundance, then that is the vibration with which we fill ourselves. Chanting mantras, like all meditations, can help reduce stress, heal on all levels, and bring and/or maintain peace, calm and joy into our lives. It can help us raise our own vibrational frequency by filling us with positive vibrations, and can also help us to be more present, live in each moment, and focus on what is important in our lives.
Oct 25 Sat
Oct 25, doors 8 pm
Vogue Theatre
601 Smithe, Vancouver
Blueprint Live presents electro-funk duo from Montreal, composed of David Macklovitch and Patrick Gemayel, with guests Wave Racer from Australia.
Oct 25 Sat
Chrysanthemums & Maple Leaves Festival
To Nov 3
various Metro Vancouver venues
The Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra presents an event that celebrates Japanese music and explores interactions between Japanese and Canadian culture through educational events, workshops, chamber recitals, and orchestral concerts.
Oct 25 Sat
Dark Eighties
Oct 25-26, 9-2 am
Astoria Pub
769 E. Hastings, Vancouver
SATURDAY OCTOBER 25TH is THE DARK EIGHTIES: CURE TRIBUTE NIGHT & PRE-HALLOWE'EN COSTUME PARTY at The Astoria (769 E. Hastings) HOSTED & MUSICALLY CURATED BY NIKKI NEVVER + JACK DUCKWORTH (U.K.) LIVE PERFORMANCE BY Black Magique Loads of The Cure, goth, minimal wave, new romantics, italo disco, new dark electronic, dark 80s cult hits & new wave.
Oct 25 Sat
Dave Hazeltine/Eric Alexander Quartet
Oct 24-25, doors 7:30 pm, show 8 pm
Pyatt Hall
843 Seymour
The Cellar Jazz Society presents the jazz quartet composed of tenor saxophonist Eric Alexander, pianist David Hazeltine, bassist Ken Lister, and drummer Jesse Cahill.
Oct 25 Sat
Diego El Cigala
Oct 25, 8 pm
Chan Shun Concert Hall
6265 Crescent Rd., Chan Centre at UBC
Spanish Gypsy vocalist melds flamenco, tango, Latin jazz, bolero, and son.


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