Parallel 49 Brewing

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      Noon - 9pm daily

      1950 Triumph Street, Vancouver BC, Canada


      As far as the setting goes, Parallel 49’s tasting room isn’t going to make the pages of Better Brew Pubs and Gardens; as beautiful as the long wooden bar might be, there’s a vague high-school-cafeteria vibe to the room. And that’s perfectly okay, because it only drives home the point that beer is the focus. And good God, what amazing beer it is. Hit the right day (i.e., today) and you’ll find on-tap seasonal offerings ranging from the Tricycle Lemon Radler to the Apricotopus Sour Saison to standbys like the wonderfully nuanced Salty Scot Scotch Ale and Filthy Dirty IPA. All are available in sleeves ($3) or as part of bargain-priced flights of four ($4). Don’t miss the essential daily infusion beer, in which Parallel 49’s lagers are combined with everything from espresso beans to cranberry and lemon, to pineapple and coconut. Yes, sometimes taste trumps all.

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