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Web Editor

Stephen Hui

Assistant Editor

Miranda Nelson

Coordinating Editor

Travis Lupick

Digital Manager

Chet Woodside

Lead Drupal Developer

Jeffrey Li

Web Developer

Tina Luu

Web Site Administrator

Miles Keir

The Georgia Straight Newspaper

Editor + Publisher

Dan McLeod

Associate Publisher

Yolanda Stepien

Vice-President, Operations

Matt McLeod


Charlie Smith

Senior Editor

Martin Dunphy

Copy Chief

Amanda Growe

Section Editors

Janet Smith (Arts/Fashion)
Mike Usinger (Music)
Steve Newton (Time Out)
Carolyn Ali (Travel/Food)
Adrian Mack (Movies)
Brian Lynch (Books)
Stephen Hui (Technology)

Editorial Administrator

Doug Sarti

Associate Editors

Gail Johnson, John Lucas, Alexander Varty

Staff Writers

Carlito Pablo, Amanda Siebert, Craig Takeuchi

Editorial Assistant

Jennie Ramstad


Pat Ryffranck

Contributing Writers

Gregory Adams
Nathan Caddell
David Chau
Jack Christie
Jennifer Croll
Gwynne Dyer
Ken Eisner (Movies)
George Fetherling
Terry Glavin
Tara Henley
Michael Hingston
Ng Weng Hoong
Alex Hudson
Kurtis Kolt
Blaine Kyllo
Ted Laturnus
Robin Laurence (Visual Arts)
Mark Leiren-Young
John Lekich
Amy Lu
Bob Mackin
Michael Mann
Rose Marcus
Beth McArthur
Verne McDonald
Allan MacInnis
Guy MacPherson
Tony Montague
Kathleen Oliver
Ben Parfitt
Vivian Pencz
Bill Richardson
Gurpreet Singh
Colin Thomas (Theatre)
Jacqueline Turner
Jessica Werb
Stephen Wong
Alan Woo

Art Department Manager

Janet McDonald

Senior Designer

David Ko

Contributing Artists

Alfonso Arnold
Grahame Arnould
Rebecca Blissett
Trevor Brady
Louise Christie
Emily Cooper
Randall Cosco
Krystian Guevara
Evaan Kheraj
Kris Krug
Tracey Kusiewicz
Kevin Langdale
Shayne Letain
Matt Mignanelli
Mark "Atomos" Pilon
Carlo Ricci
William Ting
Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

Production Supervisor

Mike Correia


K.T. Dean, Kristen Dillon, Sandra Oswald

Ad Services Associate

Lyndsey Krezanoski

Ad Services Assistant

Jon Cranny

Director of Sales + Marketing

Tony Barnes

Sales Manager

Sharon Smith

Advertising Representatives

Alex Dow, David Pearlman, Andrea Polz, Patrick Ruel, Dawn Searle

Arts Category Manager

Laura Moore

Agency Rep (Vancouver)

Paul Graham

National Advertising (Toronto)

DPS Media Inc. (416) 413-9291

Brand Manager/Promotions

Navdeep Chhina

Sales and Promotion Assistants

Maya Beckersmith

Classifieds Representatives

Glenn Cohen, Robyn Marsh, Paul Philips, Kathy Skelton

Circulation Manager

Travis Bearpark

Information Technology Director

Dennis Jangula

Credit Manager

Shannon Li

Accounting Supervisor

Tamara Robinson


Angela Krommidas, Karam Sandhu


Brenna Woodhouse