The Real Housewives of Vancouver preach love and friendship in Season 2

At the end of the first season of The Real Housewives of Vancouver, the five women featured on the show could not be in a room together without breaking into a fight. Six months later, three of the original cast members—Jody Claman, Ronnie Negus, and Mary Zilba—are sharing a sofa inside a suite at the Four Seasons Hotel. Joined by season 2’s new housewives—Amanda Hansen, Ioulia Reynolds, and Robin Reichman—the six women laugh, embrace, and chat with each other like close friends.


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“I’m really all about forgiveness, and I think that if you hold onto hate and animosity, it’s a slow death,” Ronnie tells the Georgia Straight. “It’s easy to get caught up in the show… but at the end of the day, life is fleeting and forgiveness is really a salvation. It’s a beautiful thing.”

The statuesque mother of five isn’t the only one in the room who decided to turn over a new leaf while filming season 2 from July to October 2012.  

“For a lot of us, there was a lot of closure,” Jody, who is dressed in a frothy peach and silver party dress and is the most outgoing of the bunch, says. “This season was really about leadership and strong women, and when I looked back and reflected, I really enjoyed this season.”

The cast of The Real Housewives of Vancouver season 2 say hello.

On the one-hour season premiere (airing February 5 at 10 p.m. on Slice), new cast members are introduced as acquaintances of the three returning housewives. Ioulia, an art consultant, helps Mary pick out a new painting for her Yaletown condo. Amanda, a single mom to three young children, seeks Jody’s help in order to launch her own kombucha tea business. Robin, meanwhile, befriends Ronnie at the Southlands Riding Club over their mutual love for horses. All six women meet at a celebratory barbeque held at Ronnie’s sprawling, waterfront West Vancouver home.

“I studied the first season like it was the Bible—I did. I was hooked. I loved season one, and I really, really wanted to be a part of it,” Amanda, who is a recovering alcoholic, says. “I just really didn’t want to misrepresent myself, or act in a manner that was going to basically offend my community of people. … I really wanted to try to bring light to the people who choose not to drink and make it look like I’ve made a good decision.”

“We all have our reasons why, and I know exactly why I did it,” Ioulia chimes in. “You pay the price, absolutely, but you turn it around and make the best out of it.”

The optimistic and fiery blonde is in her late 20s and married to a venture capitalist 20 years her senior. Although she moved to Vancouver 11 years ago, Ioulia speaks in a thick Russian accent and says that she grapples with issues of being an immigrant on the show.

“One big pressure that I have on me is how my Russian community is going to look at me and judge me,” she says. “We all went through our own personal journeys. It was very interesting, very raw.”

Amanda Hansen, Robin Reichman, Ronnie Negus, and Jody Claman.
Stephen Hui

Robin, who moved from Texas 20 years ago and is a single mom to two young girls, was more concerned about what it might be like to fill the stiletto-heeled shoes left by season 1 housewives Reiko MacKenzie and Christina Kiesel.

“You know that there was existing friendship for many years, and then it’s kind of tampered with because it’s also the nature of the show,” Robin says in a sweet southern drawl. “My 11-year-old has seen me at my worst, and now the viewers are going to see me at my worst. I think that that’s what I’ll probably struggle with the most.”

On season 1, most viewers would agree that Mary, who is in the process of reigniting her singing career and launching a beauty label called BUFF Beauty, experienced a lot of bullying. The Oklahoma-raised former beauty queen was therefore hesitant to sign on for more drama.

“I think there was some trepidation for me because of everything that transpired, but I think at the end of the day, there are some good things that can come out of this show,” she says. “I’ve had a bigger voice in the community and I’ve been really, really busy with a lot of charity work. … I’ve been able to use my Facebook, my social media, to gather people together to do homeless baskets, to do things for transitional homes, to do a lot of anti-bullying. I’m working with Christy Clark, so there are some great things that have gone to the greater good.”

Jody Claman, Ioulia Reynolds, and Mary Zilba.
Stephen Hui

Ronnie, on the other hand, was keen on using the second season to makeover her image.

“In the first season, I wasn’t entirely happy with the way I was portrayed and I think that it was a nice opportunity for me to let the viewers see another side of me—more of my mother side—and you know, I’m vulnerable, and I’ve got a heart, and I’m a loving person,” she says. “People only see me getting drunk and falling over. It’s far from the truth. I couldn’t be a successful human being with beautiful children and living the life if that was the truth.”

“Anyone’s who’s intelligent would know I’m not a villain because I’m a multimillionaire from being a people-person,” Jody adds. “So I couldn’t care less. I understood what I had signed…and I’m the happiest girl in the world right now.”

With a new season of The Real Housewives of Vancouver airing in less than a week, all six women seem giddy with excitement. Ioulia, Amanda, and Robin are looking forward to the opportunities that will come with being on the show, and the veteran housewives—having now survived two seasons—are ready to prove that they’re more than just drama queens.

“You know to have said that you’ve been on a reality show, it’s a great experience, like a real life experience,” Ronnie says matter-of-factly. “There aren’t perfect people and it is real to make mistakes and to fall down. That’s why this show’s so popular, right? It resonates with people. It’s real.”

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I wish Christina was back. She was my favourite.
Rating: +3
No one cares. Really. Please just go away.
Rating: +5
The not so real housewives
lol the real housewives of Vancouver hahha they don't look or act like the 'real' real houswives of Vancouver do they? Can one get any further from reality!!!
Rating: +16
These women look desperate and sad.
Rating: -8
"“Anyone’s who’s intelligent would know I’m not a villain because I’m a multimillionaire from being a people-person,” Jody adds." ROTFLMAO....Jody Claman a "people person"?! ONLY the Deeply Delusional Tiara Wearing Terrorist of the West Coast could possibly believe such utter garbage.
Rating: +43
I'm a fan of Mary's... so I hope there's no high-school picking again this year. I hope they realize they're "representing" for Vancouver and even in bad behavior they can keep some class at the end of a show... I know this is asking a lot for any "housewives series" but really. Also one question to the producers: Where is the rich colour (pun intended) of Vancouver??? No offense to the new ladies who I'm sure are fine specimens ;)
Rating: -6
All of you need to dress a bit more classy. Except you Mary, you already show class. Matter of fact I'm surprised you signed on for another season after allowing yourself to be so brutally bullied. So since you're back why don't you kick Jody's butt this time or better still remove her silly juvenile tiara and "serve" her with it. Jody grow up and dress at least a little like the business woman you claim to be and not like the cupcakes you peddle. Ronnie, nice to know youre cleaning up your act. Newbies, dontbtry too hard to look cheap. All that is, of course, if this really IS reality!
Rating: +2
To All Six Ladies....
I know it's hard being on this show, and the producers set up a lot of drama, but the majority of the audience doesn't know that. Please be kind and support one another instead of tear each other apart. As women we all need to support each other. :) Good luck all!
Rating: -28
Get a "real" life!
Worst portrayal of women and our city! Can't believe it's still running. Nice way to get their businesses off the ground. Disgusting!
Rating: +20
I was in Urban Fare Yaletown and Mary asked me how a bus pass worked (she'd bought some concession zone ones for her kids). You would have thought I was explaining thermodynamics she was so serious (and easily confused by it). For "real housewives" they don't exactly know how to operate in the real world.
Rating: +22
Bo Xilai
Phony Friends, Phony Drama, Phony Show, Phony Wealth...

So Vancouver.

Rating: +29
Pat Crowe
Could one of those dragons put together a grilled cheese sandwich without wrecking it?
I think not.
Real housewives, indeed.
Rating: +23
Ken Sailer
real housewives my ass, most probably not one of them would know how to do it housewives work anybody that watches this crap really needs to get a life.
Rating: +5
skank tv at its finest....just shows that cash does not mean class, but trailer trash will watch it.
Rating: +4
Mr A
I'd rather get wasted & watch Supermarket Sweep or Acting Crazy on Game TV, at least they're more high quality, interesting & intelligently stimulating.
Rating: -6
" . . . at the end of the day, there are some good things that can come out of this show,” she says. “I’ve had a bigger voice in the community and I’ve been really, really busy with a lot of charity work. … I’ve been able to use my Facebook, my social media, to gather people together to do homeless baskets, to do things for transitional homes, to do a lot of anti-bullying. I’m working with Christy Clark, so there are some great things that have gone to the greater good.”

BTW, Mary, though I'm glad you're surviving whatever bullying went on (didn't watch the first season, and have no intention of watching the second), working with Christy Clark on anything is the OPPOSITE of doing things for the greater good - unless you think the last 12 years in this province have benefitted anyone other than the top 1%, like yourself.

Frankly, I think the rest of us want justice, not charity. If you can find a copy of the episode of WKRP in Cincinnati where the poor people rip into the rich people at Jennifer's penthouse about how we don't really want or need your short-term symapthy and charity, please watch it. I say this as someone who once received an industrial-kitchen sized can of tuna in a hamper, because some well-meaning but ill-informed wealthier person thought it would help. I still use it as a paperweight, for what it's worth (way too big to feed two people without wasting most of it).
Rating: +2
I just shake my head in total amazement whenever I hear this programs name that anybody would EVER waste one millisecond of their own life to be 'entertained' by any of these shows. That they do adds credence to the saying that truth can in fact be stranger than fiction.
Rating: 0
Jody,I am shocked that this bullying by you is allowed on the air,your oldest daughter has obviously been raised with it. I hope your darling sweet youngest daughter doesn't see your performances,but I'm sure with all the anti bullying that is being taught in school she will teach you to be kinder. Ronnie why would you want a friend like Jody can't you see what she is .I hope your sweet, innocent daughter never has to ever meet a Jody int this world. Mary stay strong stay close to Ioula I admire her and the the New girls weho can sing I love them both
Rating: +4
Jody and her daughter are pathetic, ignorant bullies. Why does anyone give them a chance to speak, let alone give them air time! Get them off the air! Anyone who goes to their store or hires Jody is incredibly stupid. They are a waste of time!
Rating: +17
Jody can't go one show without ripping into Mary. Is Jody so stupid she doesn't seem to get how ridicules she is making herself look? I think she is trying to get back at Mary because last season Mary said Jody sold second hand goods. Jody thinks she has class but classy people don't behave as she does. She should spend more time paying attention to her party hearty daughter who drinks too much and can't seem to go an event without lying on top of some strange men totally wasted. Guess she was never taught class how could she her mother is incapable of leading by example. Jody also needs to spend time improving her extremely limited vocabulary. She is beyond pathetic. As for Ronnie I am now totally disgusted by her. She claims almost losing her daughter made her see what was truely important but she hasn't learned a bloody thing. She is insulting when she feels like it & will try to get attention anyway possible. Calls everyone out then uses her daughter's incident to get away with her despicable behavior. Amanda has her lips planted firmly on Jody's butt & Jody has hers planted on Ronnies, its like watching a live version of the human centipede. Amanda sucks up to Jody because she wants Jody's help starting her business & Jody kisses Ronnies butt hoping some of Ronnies fortune or maybe connections will trickle down into her gaudy *vintage* store. They all call Mary out on lying what a bunch of hypocrites. They all lie in their one on one commentaries. Example: telling Amanda that tea she is making is yummy to her face but calling it basically gross alone with the camera. Amanda, Jody & Ronnie need to learn some manners, get some class & stop throwing stones from their glass houses. Mary might have exagerated the urgency of that phone call from her friend but she wanted a polite way of leaving Amanda's birthday. I don't blame her, why would anyone want to spend more time than necessary around that vicious hate spewing woman Jody. Ronnie has no clue what it is to be a friend. She back-stabs, twists conversations, and insults on live tv. She got a taste of fame/recognition & will do/say whatever it takes to get more. Ronnie & Jody are childish school house bullies. What are these women teaching their children? With all the tragedies surrounding bullying nowadays you would think as mothers these women would try to be more responsible. Shame on you both!!!!
Rating: +6


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