21 and Over is a grubby little frat-boy comedy

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      Starring Miles Teller and Skylar Astin. Rated 14A. 

      What does money and success get you in Hollywood? Well, this time around, the cowriters who gave us The Hangover are also permitted to codirect. Presumably, co-culprits Jon Lucas and Scott Moore share equal responsibility for this grubby little frat-boy comedy, a boozy parade of abject humiliation that features everything from tampon-eating to one of our heroes urinating on a crowd in a bar.

      Here’s a little test to see if you’ve watched this kind of movie before: most of the extras in the pee scene consist of a) women in T-shirts; b) women in tank tops; or c) cuddly little bears. If you answered “cuddly little bears”, you are incorrect (although one character does get a stuffed teddy glued to his genitals).

      There is a plot, of sorts. We open with our two male leads (Miles Teller and Skylar Astin) walking naked along the plaza of a university campus, their boy bits covered by gym socks. Teller plays Miller, a fast-talking party boy who clearly wears the bigger gym sock. He wants his best friend, Casey (Astin), to loosen up. We know Casey is sensitive because he wears a necktie and doesn’t pull down his pants in bars.

      How do the boys end up naked? It all starts because they want to get their friend Jeff drunk for his 21st birthday. Jeff (Justin Chon) reluctantly agrees, as long as he can make his med-school admission interview in the morning.

      Hang in there long enough and there’s even a moral. It’s about doing your own thing and—most of all—sticking up for your brainless, drunken friends. Of course, to get to the warm and fuzzy part, you have to watch Jeff projectile-vomit in slow motion.

      Is that cool or what?

      Watch the trailer for 21 and Over.