Landmark Cinemas acquires 22 Empire Theatres across Canada


Landmark Cinemas Canada announced on Thursday (October 31) that it is completing its acquisition and transition of 22 Empire Theatres in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario.

In British Columbia, Landmark acquired theatres in North Vancouver, Surrey, and Victoria.

Landmark now runs a total of 54 theatres, making it the second biggest theatre chain in Canada and the tenth largest in North America.

Empire Company announced that it was leaving the movie exhibition business on June 27. 

Landmark Cinema will open their acquired theatres on the evening of October 31, with full operational hours on Friday (November 1).

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Silvia Logan
I hope that the World Exchange Plaza movie theatre stay opened because it is convenient for people who live downtown. It is a nuisance to have to take the bus to see a movie in Orleans, Kanata, and South Keys.
Rating: -5
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