Best movies of 2013: The top of the cinematic crop

The Georgia Straight's critics each pick their top 10 films of the year

We know, we know: you’re seeing titles of movies you’ve never heard of, plus a few that haven’t even opened yet in Van-land. But annual rankings like this can help address neglect, while including things sure to be forgotten by this time next year. And let’s face it, we just like making lists.

Ken Eisner

What a weird year for movies.

Janet Smith

Subversively political, thrillingly visual, and sometimes downright offensive, the following films took risks to rise above the dreck.

Patty Jones

The hair parade alone made this year's crop of films memorable.

John Lekich

I’m happy to say that, this year, my list reflects a fondness for the kind of committed filmmaker who wears two hats.
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