The Georgia Straight’s guide to DOXA Documentary Film Festival 2014

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This year's DOXA Documentary Film Festival (May 2 to 11) focuses on secrets, lies, aliens on ice, and the fate of the mountain gorilla, among other matters. Before you head out to the fest, check out our interviews with filmmakers along with dozens of capsule reviews to help you pick which films to take in.

Truth is stranger than fiction at the 2014 DOXA Documentary Film Festival

DamNation film reveals dams aren’t eternal

How a Star Trek star came To Be Takei

Three DOXA selections examine the Internet's impact on people

Crazywater breaks the silence on alcoholism in Native communities

InRealLife director Beeban Kidron talks Internet, education, and Julian Assange

DOXA's youth series gets rolling again

Friendship is magic for A Brony Tale director Brent Hodge

The Circle chronicles Switzerland's evolution from homophobia to gay acceptance

2014 DOXA Documentary Film Festival reviews

Congo documentary Virunga tops DOXA 2014 awards

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