Vancouver Queer Film Festival 2014: News, reviews, and more

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This year's Vancouver Queer Film Festival opens on Thursday (August 14) and runs until August 24. Here's a roundup of the Georgia Straight's coverage, which will be updated as the festival continues.

For a full schedule and other information, visit the VQFF website.

Review: Girl Trash packs it all in

Local marginalized youth express their POWER

Review: Love is Strange travels the line between family and friends

Spotlight on the power of family

Review: Club King delves into hedonistic royalty

Review: Appropriate Behaviour hits almost all the right notes

Review: The Dog gets another day

Directors to discuss women in film

Review: An unexpected bond between Russian men in Winter Journey

Review: Children 404 gives voice to persecuted LGBT Russian youth

Vancouver Queer Film Festival spotlights Russia’s invisible LGBT youth

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