Movie Choices

Chinese-American director Wei Ling Chang's Unlikely Girl gets off to a good start.
Our city has acted in everything from Tron: Legacy to Bollywood films. Once in a blue moon, it’s been cast as itself.
When it comes to Japan's “New Wave” cinema, there’s only one name that really matters: Nagisa Oshima.
When filmmaker Gamma Bak had her first experience of psychosis, her boyfriend told her, "It's all like a cold in the head. It'll pass." It didn't.
Vancouver has racked up quite the extensive acting experience in feature films. Only on rare occasions has it had the chance to play itself.
Michael Jackson ruled the international film charts in Canada for the week of October 30 to November 5.
Well, those bumbling Trailer Park Boys finally bumbled their way out of the Canadian top five.
As expected, Michael Jackon's This Is It topped the Canadian weekend box office. Meanwhile, horror films got a boost from Halloween moviegoers.
More Canadians chose to see the blood-splattered Law Abiding Citizen than Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are.
The Trailer Park Boys were knocked out of the top spot on the domestic charts by the debut of a Quebec thriller.