Movie Notes

Both versions of Oliver Hockenhull’s new documentary offer lucid commentary on the therapeutic applications of psychedelics, but they approach their subject matter from different angles and even have different titles.
Auburn’s trip to Vancouver is for something pretty special, mind you.
The evening includes a movie screening and a four-course dinner inspired by the film.
Let’s hope that fictional band Unalaska becomes real band Unalaska at some point.
Not to mention an up close and personal portrait of George Takei.
The Pulitzer Prize winner will help launch Stage to Screen series at the Film Centre in April.
Lucasfilm's Industrial Light and Magic officially opened its 30,000-square foot studio in Gastown.
SFU will also confer an honorary degree on Ahmed Zewail, the 1999 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry.
Look for an evil company called “Sonmanto” in the new season. Wonder who that’s supposed to be?
Ambitious director Denis Villeneuve has moved permanently onto the stage of international cinema.