Movie Notes

Whenever Robin Williams stopped by the Urban Well in Kitsilano to do a stand-up spot, the news of the actor’s visit to the comedy room would ripple through the community.
Barbara Stanwyck comes to Vancouver the way nature intended this weekend—over 20 feet tall and smouldering.
The hourlong film, which airs on CBC on July 19, takes a look at secret, underground restaurants in the Lower Mainland and the chefs who run them.
Organizers already have a date and venue scheduled for next year's Vancouver Web Fest.
Running from July 16 to 20, this year’s Squamish Mountain Festival will have “lots going on”.
The city says there's no need for a community amenity contribution because money was already paid as part of an earlier rezoning.
We all love to watch. Other people fucking, hot Mormon guys reaming themselves with dildos, ladies peeing on trampolines—it’s all good.
The incredible 20,000 Days on Earth screens for one night at the Vancity.
The local film industry has “weathered a pretty big storm” over the last couple of years, but the chair of B.C.’s Motion Picture Production Industry Association has confidence in the future of the sector.
A memorable scene in A Spell to Ward off the Darkness occurs when a Finnish raconteur describes being in a sauna where each person present had a finger stuck up another’s asshole.