Movie Notes

Two of the units come free of charge, whereas the other five are made available at very affordable rates to promote cultural pursuits.
James Franco and Seth Rogen might have stopped talking to the media about The Interview, but Evan Goldberg hasn’t.
In even worse news, Annie will still open wide on Friday.
Well, looks like the probably-not-actually terrorists have won!
The cream of this year's Canadian cinematic crop gets the spotlight.
Here are some gift-giving suggestions for those on your list with interests that go beyond the mainstream movie fare.
There’s no government wanking this time around, but FFF has culled more than enough weirdness from the lowly world of VHS tape and cable-access television to keep you laughing, and nauseated.
This year’s Whistler Film Festival will recognize three Canadian-born industry players with high-profile screen careers on both sides of the 49th parallel.
Diana Whitten’s rousing doc Vessel gets its Vancouver premiere at Langara College on Thursday (Novembe
VHS is long dead but Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett are keeping it alive.