Movie Notes

The local film industry has “weathered a pretty big storm” over the last couple of years, but the chair of B.C.’s Motion Picture Production Industry Association has confidence in the future of the sector.
A memorable scene in A Spell to Ward off the Darkness occurs when a Finnish raconteur describes being in a sauna where each person present had a finger stuck up another’s asshole.
For a “manageable sum,” the plan argues, the city could acquire the theatre from its current owner.
An Honest Liar codirector Tyler Measom reflects on James Randi, better known as retired stage magician the Amazing Randi.
Six tales of courage are featured in this month’s eighth annual Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival.
With the 2014 FIFA World Cup just around the corner, local soccer enthusiasts have the chance to take a cinematic glimpse into The Beautiful Game.
It was a satisfying win for writer-director Ben Ratner’s aggressively local feature.
Another major VFX house is adding to the growth of Vancouver's visual effects industry.
What a local river advocate saw about the state of rivers around the world deeply troubled him.
The decision means that Confessions Productions will collect $145,600 that had previously been denied by the B.C. Ministry of Finance.