Movie Reviews

This no-budget sci-fi dramedy is less concerned with being easy to follow than with following various notions about how the universe operates.
Movies don’t get more old-school than Dolphin Tale 2.
Unsurprisingly, given the statistics, about half his subjects had either broken up or moved away, didn’t want to talk about it, or sometimes all the above.
A bleak self-portrait peeks out of this energetic, two-hour-plus version.
The Drop is generating buzz for being James Gandolfini’s final film, but it’s Brit Tom Hardy who owns it.
This forgettably titled debut initially displays a few ragged bits of life.
This new Filipino film takes almost as long to watch as reading great chunks of Crime and Punishment.
It’s a good thing for Atom Egoyan that there isn’t a three-strike rule with movies.
The zombie flick is a necessarily self-limiting genre: they’re dead, they’re here, and they want our brains. We get it.
Prepare yourself for a found-footage headache.