Movie Reviews

There’s no better example of Terry Gilliam’s First Law of Excess than 12 Monkeys
French action master Luc Besson has a thing for waifish ingénues who get their little Nikitas on.
Dwayne Johnson’s pecs are so ominous that they threaten to poke you in the eye.
Where’s the magic everyone keeps talking about?
The title is the only thing lazy about the movie.
Walking the Camino gives a fuller, less pushy picture of what it takes to make that pedestrian effort.
While Guardians of the Galaxy is a wholly professional Marvel product, compatible with and engineered to expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it also feels like an indie movie—a specific one.
The narrative of this film is far more predictable than the sighting of the Eid moon.
This second effort from talented New York director Sam Fleischner gets an inside track on the lives of everyday people, and with that extra something that makes it art.
The movie of the year, and perhaps of the decade, Boyhood follows one fictional family over a period of 12 years.