Movie Reviews

It isn't all that memorable, overall.
It is basically impossible to avoid a perma-grin while watching the hour-long Argentinian documentary Living Stars.
When Buenos Aires lawyer Ivana Cornejo gets a voicemail message from Leόn Godoy, she does a dramatic doubletake at the sound of his voice.
The Pinochet regime that seized and terrorized Chile in the early ’70s seems to hold a special fascination, even 24 years after its fall.
José Luis Valle’s very dark comedy is the kind of archly stylized flick that always lights up the festival circuit.
Esther Somewhere is the perfect title for anyone looking for a little light, if poignant, entertainment.
The material practically screams out to be sensationalized.
This grim yet smoothly made documentary follows three lost boys adrift in the ironically named title town found in the hollowed-out heart of America.
As the latest in this craze for YA adaptations, If I Stay’s hook isn’t vampires or cancer.
Paycheque movies can be okay. This one is not.