Movie Reviews

It’s funny watching Johnny Depp create a new character—for about five minutes.
Sonam Kapoor is especially refreshing as a chameleon who can smart talk her way past any man’s better judgment.
I found it all amusing and occasionally cruel enough to give it a lazy thumbs up.
While the film covers what may be familiar territory to many LGBT viewers, the stories remains no less affecting.
If you didn’t already know Marion Cotillard was in this affecting, small-scale effort, you might not recognize the Frenchwoman who anchors every scene.
The pathology of weapons-grade problem-solving is the subject of this provocative new film from Clint Eastwood.
Religion both restricts and gives purpose to the people in Félix & Meira.
There’s little else to distinguish Still Alice from the average Lifetime double-hankie weeper besides the loftiness of its cast.
Jennifer Aniston skips the lipstick, and the comedy (except of the darkest kind), for the cryptically titled Cake.