Movie Reviews

As a study in fatal compartmentalization, it should be seen by anyone with a modicum of real power.
A long-dormant team of three former mimes acts out hidden (and not so buried) streams of regret and resentment as they head toward an uneasy reunion.
Hint: he’s very good with the servants.
Filmmaker Thomas Wallner takes a timely, and artfully constructed, look back at a group of pioneers from the past.
The movie works best as a sensual and unpushy meditation on how life (like its antidote) really works.
Marcelo Tobar’s tale of two siblings having an uneasy reunion starts out well.
The film is riveting, and Stephen Ulrich’s noirish guitar score gives it one of the best soundtracks at VIFF.
Although the staging is adequately unpleasant, the movie feels like a routine thriller.
What remains of the glaciers is nice.
To borrow a phrase from Waylon Smithers, Donald Trump achieves cartoonish levels of supervillainy in this sequel to You’ve Been Trumped.