Movie Reviews

England’s Dan Stevens shakes the dust off his Downton Abbey boots in The Guest.
The most conservative lawmaker probably has to give Marc Emery some grudging respect for standing up so vehemently for what he believes.
What does it take to create a genius? You won’t find out from Whiplash.
If you were going to make a bittersweet comedy about a cranky old dude, who would you want as your lead? Bill Murray.
Michael Keaton will long be remembered for his time in the Bat cape, just as his character here, one Riggan Thomson, is best known for playing a superhero called Birdman.
A great movie might impart profound insight. A sappy movie might make you cry. What does John Wick do?
Dutch director Joris Postema’s FC Rwanda won’t be viewed as a definitive documentary take on the state of national reconciliation in post-genocide Rwanda, but it does raise some disturbing questions.
Is it possible the Nicholas Sparks movie machine, with all its smooching in the rain and talk about destiny and stars, has finally hit a rough spot on its quaint country road?