Movie Reviews

A music teacher with 15 years of experience in the neighbourhood embarked upon an empowering musical project.
In this rambling tale, a prodigal father reappears in the life of his classical pianist son.
Mischa Kamp's gently paced Boys (Jongens) demonstrates that the coming-out tale remains as relevant as ever.
It all adds up to one thing: a thrown-together, cynical excuse for a remake that’s not necessarily filthier than the mildly amusing original, but certainly is stupider.
I really want to believe that Women Who Flirt is the subversive farce about gender expectations in modern China it seems to think it is.
The delight here is John Malkovich as Dave, a snaggle-toothed octopus who once entertained kids at marine parks until penguins stole his limelight.
It takes entertaining mélanges like Dear White People to illustrate just how many different “types” fit into the grab-bag of subcultures at one, mostly white Ivy League university.
Foxcatcher uses minimal music, diffused light, and psychologically freighted acting to examine themes involving class, power, and institutionalized violence.
Who knew one the strongest, funniest, and most disturbing films of the year would follow a well-off Swedish family through an unexpectedly challenging ski holiday in the French Alps?