Movie Reviews

Think a technophobic Her with handheld missiles.
Where does all the beautiful stuff in our lives come from?
The sense of time expanding and contracting dominates Sagrada: The Mystery of Creation, an in-depth look at the world’s most famous unfinished cathedral.
A proudly old-fashioned True Life Adventure like this one should warm the hearts of proudly old-fashioned families.
It’s clear why this Hong Kong import was not called The Well-Adjusted Happy Person Within.
You couldn’t find a better cast than the leads who anchor The Face of Love.
It takes Jude Law about 30 seconds to bust his pretty-boy image in Dom Hemingway—and man, is he determined to decimate it.
It doesn’t take long to sense the kind of mix that director Ivan Reitman is after.
Sequelitis makes samba problems for Rio 2.