Movie Reviews

The French don’t need Justin Long, Jesse Eisenberg, or Michael Cera—they have all those dudes and more rolled into the person of Vincent Lacoste
For all of the effort and talent put into this, there’s precious little magic.
In the end, that old message isn’t quite gone with the wind
In a sense, story doesn’t matter much to writer-director Pascale Ferran.
If Whiplash was American Sniper with drums, Keep On Keepin’ On is the anti-Whiplash.
The wrath-packed part of the Bible also offers the story of Job as a template for all the bad shit that falls upon one hapless, if far from innocent, soul.
The fastest game on Earth provides the backdrop for Red Army, but the magnificence of director Gabe Polsky’s lovingly crafted documentary is that it’s about much more than hockey.
The title refers to an exceptionally crime-ridden time in New York City history: 1981, with the setting mostly a rotting quarter of the Big Apple.
It’s funny watching Johnny Depp create a new character—for about five minutes.
Sonam Kapoor is especially refreshing as a chameleon who can smart talk her way past any man’s better judgment.