Movie Reviews

Marlon Wayons deserves credit for displaying an extreme lack of shame.
Think a technophobic Her with handheld missiles.
Where does all the beautiful stuff in our lives come from?
The sense of time expanding and contracting dominates Sagrada: The Mystery of Creation, an in-depth look at the world’s most famous unfinished cathedral.
A proudly old-fashioned True Life Adventure like this one should warm the hearts of proudly old-fashioned families.
It’s clear why this Hong Kong import was not called The Well-Adjusted Happy Person Within.
You couldn’t find a better cast than the leads who anchor The Face of Love.
It takes Jude Law about 30 seconds to bust his pretty-boy image in Dom Hemingway—and man, is he determined to decimate it.
It doesn’t take long to sense the kind of mix that director Ivan Reitman is after.