Movie Reviews

No, it’s not a remake of the ’60s Cliff Richard vehicle.
This Tale is something you’ll never forget.
It feels like second-rate Hitchcock—more Marnie than Vertigo.
As long as you don’t go into Nightcrawler expecting anything deep, you can have a lot of fun with it.
Maps to the Stars is such a savage satire of the movie industry that it makes parodies by Robert Altman, Woody Allen, and Larry David look like gentle jabs in comparison.
What happens when you give an indie filmmaker Hollywood money?
This Toronto-made oddity features a winning performance from Michael D. Cohen.
Like all masala films, there is a romantic subplot, fights, and a preachy nationalistic message to tie it all together. And yet, the film still drags.
At first glance, Studio Ghibli seems like the ideal workplace.
Ecstasy, coke, liquor, but no one scarfs so much as a candy bar.