Movie Reviews

Prepare yourself for a found-footage headache.
Director Kunal Deshmukh still leaves us with an intriguing and amusing film.
This gentle, coming-of-age drama is cleanly constructed and well shot.
Who Is Dayani Cristal? is a heartbreaking look at the risk that migrants from Central America and Mexico face in their journeys to reach “el Norte”.
Icaros is a leisurely-paced look at the life of the Shipibo people that live by the Ucayali River, a main tributary of the Peruvian Amazon.
It isn't all that memorable, overall.
It is basically impossible to avoid a perma-grin while watching the hour-long Argentinian documentary Living Stars.
When Buenos Aires lawyer Ivana Cornejo gets a voicemail message from Leόn Godoy, she does a dramatic doubletake at the sound of his voice.
The Pinochet regime that seized and terrorized Chile in the early ’70s seems to hold a special fascination, even 24 years after its fall.
José Luis Valle’s very dark comedy is the kind of archly stylized flick that always lights up the festival circuit.