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Actor, writer, and producer Vinay Virmani enjoys telling the tale about how his new comedy, Dr. Cabbie, was inspired by a taxi trip in his hometown of Toronto.
Asked what draws him to roles like these, the 45-year old Bateman pulls no punches.
Wallace Shawn’s play-writing career really took off when he met rebellious theatre director André Gregory in 1970.
Among his other accomplishments—writer, director, actor, Marc Jacobs model—Matthew Gray Gubler makes a fantastic idiot.
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The rather bluntly named Symphony of Movies is billed more specifically as a tribute to Taiwanese filmmakers.
Taiwanfest takes place at various venues on August 30 and 31 and September 1.
Chilean cinema is set to take the spotlight as the Vancouver Latin American Film Festival marks its 12th year.
Question: what do you do when you’re one of the richest people under 25 and known all over the world as a fictional character that will never be forgotten?
This year's Vancouver Queer Film Festival opens on August 14 and runs until August 24.