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Community-based artwork will be the latest in Vancouver Biennale's outdoor collection.
Here's the Georgia Straight's coverage of the Your Kontinent International Film and Media Arts Festival.
A wide range of films, discussions, and more aspires to get audiences thinking and talking about society, culture, and—this year—technology.
There’s still something likable about Lawrence.
Her tone suggests that she still finds it hard to believe that the project happened at all.
There could hardly be a better reason to get yourself out of the above-average temperatures and below-normal rainfall predicted for the Lower Mainland this summer, and into a dark, comfortable cinema.
In the fourth episode of the five-part series Apocalypse WW1, titled “Rage”, we see remarkable footage of the three-month slaughter known as the Battle of Passchendaele.
The filmmaker teams with American University historian Peter J. Kuznick to take a breakneck look at the deeper and less well-publicized politics of the American century.
The Last Ocean is an illuminating, beautifully filmed, and must-see documentary.