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Carmen Ejogo's portrayal of Coretta Scott King is enough to convince even the most hardened of viewers that she has a special connection with the character.
Phoenix is not your typical Hollywood star and he doesn’t pretend otherwise.
In a Manhattan hotel room overlooking Central Park, a roomful of journalists patiently awaits the arrival of the cast and crew of Selma.
The voice we hear in the movie isn’t the one we know from Newsom’s records.
Spall’s Turner is a warthog of a man, grumbling and spitting as he paints brilliant and elegant pieces of art, a walking paradox of sorts.
The last time the Straight checked in with Mark Wahlberg, the Bostonian native was in Miami, promoting the roidtastic caper Pain & Gain.
Michael K. Williams walks into a crowded media conference in a Manhattan hotel room exuding the trademark smoothness of Omar Little.
Lee Pace was just an innocent Oklahoma kid trying to make it in Hollywood.