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With its documentary-heavy program, this year’s fourth annual Vancouver South African Film Festival provides both education and entertainment—and doesn’t shy away from edginess, either.
Also new movie Maps to the Stars, underappreciated efforts like eXistenZ, and debut novel, Consumed.
Were the Canadian auteur's early "Baron of Blood" films "misogynist and reactionary"?
A David Cronenberg retrospective will allow Vancouver to view what the auteur sees as a cinematic archaeological dig.
Returning to the land of Muppets for Muppets Most Wanted, McKenzie seems very aware of the enormity of expectation that has been placed on him.
Ricky Gervais has made a good living out of being funny. Well, funny and honest.
Star and cowriter Maxwell McCabe-Lokos brings pathos and humour to a queasily transgressive tale.
It all begins with a penis museum in Iceland...
In the locally made Down River, veteran actor Helen Shaver immersed herself in questions of life, death, and art.