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The Last Ocean is an illuminating, beautifully filmed, and must-see documentary.
Director John Curran’s film is enough to send a shiver of anticipation up some spines. Or a shiver of dread.
Downers, docs, funky comedies, the odd romance, and a few CGI spectacles mark a schedule that may still shift a bit around the edges.
Cineplex has pioneered showing Hindi-language Bollywood and Punjabi movies in mainstream Canadian theatres, most notably Strawberry Hill in Surrey.
Balancing adventure and activism is a challenge that Peter Alfred faces.
Most of the eye-popping imagery in this year’s biggest Hollywood movies was created inside local computers.
You get the sense talking with Gareth Edwards that the Godzilla director is really going to enjoy his time off.
As writing mentors go, you probably couldn’t do much better than Woody Allen.
The combination of pride and practicality is typical of Zanussi, who was born just months before Hitler invaded Poland.