The Muppets' Miss Piggy is improving with age


LOS ANGELES—The Muppets know how to entertain. Even something as mundane as a news conference can become an extraordinary event in the hands of Miss Piggy and Kermit. As the famed couple, newest Muppet Walter, and humans Jason Segel and Amy Adams are introduced in a Los Angeles hotel room, each walks in front of a table and finds their individual seat: humans and Muppets sitting together with the only real difference being height.

Once the conference begins, controversy ensues. Miss Piggy is asked about her relationship status and Kermit chimes in that he would like a rebuttal when she is done. “You don't know what I am going to say,” she says to Kermit. “I just wanted to say how happy I am to be here seeing Kermie today because I haven't seen him for so long because I have been so busy on the road promoting this movie. I was going to say how much I love him. That is what I was going to say. Do you want to rebut that?”

In the movie, Walter (Jim Parsons) and his brother Gary (Segel) grow up realizing that Walter is not getting any taller. He can't keep up with his brother or his friends and begins to feel badly about himself. That all changes when he discovers the Muppets, which eventually leads to a trip to Hollywood with Gary and his girlfriend, Mary (Adams), one that is scheduled to include a visit to the Muppets' studio. However, they discover that the studio has fallen into disrepair and will soon be taken over by a greedy oil baron (Chris Cooper). They find Kermit and tell him that he has to help them bring the Muppets back together. (The Muppets opens November 23.)

The ego of Miss Piggy dominates much of the conference. Asked about a spread she did for InStyle magazine to promote the movie, she apologizes to all women. “I am sorry about that spread. I am sorry about all the ladies who have lost their husbands to moi because people instantly fall in love with moi after they see me in that spread.”

And she says that if anyone is waiting for her to age badly, they can forget about it. “Pigs don't really get wrinkles. The truth is that the stuff they inject into your lips, Restylane, comes from my people. I am perfect in every way, and I have gotten a little more perfect over the years.”

Kermit does manage to break away from being the straight man for a minute. When asked what he will be doing for American Thanksgiving, he says he will be going back to the swamp. Miss Piggy immediately asks: “Then who is that thing filled with helium and sent down the avenue in New York [for the annual Thanksgiving Day parade]?” “That,” says the usually G-rated frog, “is a bigger rubber version of me, but I don't think we should go any further about that.”

Watch the trailer for The Muppets.

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