Project X ebbs, flows, and hits total anarchy


Starring Thomas Mann and Oliver Cooper. Rated 18A. Now playing

Ask yourself this: are you or are you not a person who appreciates the line, “There’s a midget in the oven”? That is spoken by an extremely wasted person to other extremely wasted people in the new epic-party comedy Project X. Maybe you’re not wasted just now. That’s okay. But if you don’t think the “midget in the oven” thing sounds funny, maybe it’s time to ask yourself this: are you even sort of fun or funny yourself?

Project X is about three not exactly popular Pasadena high-school seniors—Thomas (Thomas Mann), Costa (Oliver Cooper), and J B (Jonathan Daniel Brown)—who decide to throw the most insane birthday party ever. (Director Nima Nourizadeh pulls the fake-doc trick and has goth kid Dax [Dax Flame] record everything hand-held–camera style.) Thomas, Costa, and J B want all the popular assholes to come to their party because that’s what we all want in life. But we wonder how they and the movie can possibly pull off a party so deranged we’ll totally wish we were there, taking our clothes off.

It would be wrong to spoil the party by giving away critical intel. The cool people come and they bring many, many friends. There is an inflatable backyard bouncy house wherein many naked breasts bounce. Things happen in the swimming pool, in the trees, and on the roof. People take drugs. There are activities involving a zipline, a garden gnome, a small dog, and a prized Mercedes. People take drugs. There is a flamethrower. The “midget” can crotch punch.

Project X ebbs, flows, and hits total anarchy—just like parties do when you’ve taken every available substance. “We were slightly out of our league on this mission,” says a 12-year-old party “security guard” who seems to think he’s in ’Nam. Yeah, but it was good, bro.

Watch the trailer for Project X.

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