Lady Gaga at Rogers Arena


That Lady Gaga sure has some interesting ideas about fashion. There was the infamous dress made out of flank steak, of course, but let’s not forget about the outfit that was constructed out of butchered Kermit the Frog puppets. That one probably didn’t endear her to Miss Piggy. Then there was the rhinestone-encrusted lobster hat, to say nothing of the bubble dress and the corset with explosive boobs.

The artist formerly (and sometimes still) known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta has managed to achieve the previously unthinkable: she’s made Madonna at her wildest look like a conservative old frump. And the harder the likes of Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj try to keep up, the more outrageous Gaga gets. But where does she go from here? Once you’ve pushed the wardrobe envelope as far as Lady Gaga has, what do you do to top yourself?

It just so happens we’ve caught wind of what she has in store for her shows at Rogers Arena on Friday and Saturday (January 11 and 12). She’ll be pulling out all the stops. First, the room goes pitch black. Then, illuminated by a single spotlight, the Mother Monster descends from the ceiling on a wire, her body a quivering mass of live honeybees. She suddenly drops, plunging into a pool of blood-red paint. The house lights come up as Gaga is once again lifted over the crowd. From above, thousands of white swan feathers burst out of cannons, showering down upon the audience and covering Gaga from head to foot in a blanket of snowy down. And then her body explodes into a pink mist that rains down and coats all the assembled Little Monsters, who writhe in ecstatic communion with their matron saint. It’ll be spectacular. And just wait until the second night!

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This column should be changed to music choice this week....what about the Mahones tonight at the Venue?
Screw Lady Gagme.
Rating: -6
There's a trick to wearing a bee beard. However, since it's winter, I don't see how they can provide the newly emerged brood that are needed to make it safe.

Gaga, don't do it.
Rating: -3
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