All Time Low at the Vogue

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      No matter how much they might piss us off when we’re ordering our good-morning latte at Starbucks, you have to hand it to the kids of today. Forget being uptight and ashamed of everything like previous generations: they aren’t afraid to let it all hang out, whether we’re talking their emotions or their dongs in promo photos like the All Time Low one to the left. Actually, calling the members of ATL kids at this point might be a tad inaccurate, considering they’ve been at the whole pop-punk thing since 2003 which—holy Christ—was a fucking decade ago. Still, if you’ve seen the Warped Tour in the past half-decade, you already know that All Time Low—at the Vogue on Saturday (January 26)—has survived a decade in the trenches because they write catchy semi-intelligent songs designed to appeal to the tormented kid in all of us. Yellowcard opens. Word has it they are big with the kids.