Ken Stringfellow at the Biltmore

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      Talk about being a superfan: Ken Stringfellow is so enamoured of the Misfits’ former singer that he named his latest album Danzig in the Moonlight. Oh, what an image that title brings to mind. Just picture it: Glenn Danzig running through endless fields, a lupine companion at his side, his raven mane flowing behind him. With beads of demon sweat glistening on his preternaturally pumped-up pectorals, Danzig stops for a moment, silhouetted against a copper-coloured harvest moon, to release a primal howl into the chill nighttime air. And then on he runs. Not running to anything or from anything—just running. Because he can. Because he is free. Because he is Glenn motherfucking Danzig, and he is the Killer Wolf.

      Posies founder Stringfellow plays a solo show at the Biltmore Cabaret tonight (January 31).