Jim Byrnes at the Cascades Casino Summit Theatre

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      Truth be told, a Jim Byrnes sighting in Vancouver is about as rare as pigeons in Venice’s St. Mark’s Square. Honestly, doesn’t the guy ever decide that he’d be happier sitting on the couch playing Xbox in his ginch than ripping it up on-stage six times a week? Evidently not, because on Friday (February 1) the most tireless bluesman in show business (or at least Vancouver) is back at it again, this time at the Cascades Casino Summit Theatre in Langley with guest chanteuse Babe Gurr. That’s right, Langley, which, if you think about it, with its swaying cornstalks, cows, and whatever else they have out in Langley, is probably a far more appropriate setting for authentically rendered blues music than some nightclub on the Granville Strip. That’s probably what got Byrnes off the couch.


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      dave in langley

      Jan 31, 2013 at 9:01am

      "swaying cornstalks, cows " in Langley. Hey, we've got traffic lights, ethnic foods, Starbucks and an occaisional copy of Georgia Street out here too.