Shearing Pinx attacks the Melvins! (Not)

Those who missed the mob at the Commodore last night (August 19) —when the Melvins show ended abruptly, short of a full set—got to participate in a vicarious lynching later that night on Facebook.

Neptoon Records' Ben Frith reported the incident that stopped the show: someone chucked a cup at guitarist King Buzzo, who took offense (see video below). The plot thickened when it was alleged that the cup-chucker in question was Shearing Pinx drummer, Fake Jazz co-founder, and Audiopile employee Jeremy van Wyck—a generally well-behaved and affable sort, not noted for drink-chucking behaviour.

By the time the Straight contacted van Wyck for comment, Frith had pulled his Facebook post, largely out of respect for Audiopile (whom he said he regarded as “friends rather than competition” in a private message to the author), but also because an unruly tenor was growing in the comments, which included contributions from local notables Chris Walter, Dave Bowes, and Bert Man.

Reached by phone at Audiopile, van Wyck was sheepish and apologetic, and eager to explain himself, telling the Straight he meant no disrespect for the Melvins whatsoever.

“I was playing Melvins cover songs in my junior high bands when half the crowd that was there last night was probably in diapers,” he said. “I’ve seen them over a dozen times, and that show was seriously one of the best shows I’ve seen, ever, in my life! And it could have been 15 minutes longer!”

Van Wyck, however, “was having an ecstatic, peak experience, tripping balls on mushrooms and drunk on whiskey. I had finished a highball with a buddy, and the right note came. Understand that the lines of reality were a little blurry at that moment, and maybe this is the ‘shrooms talking, but it was like a magnetic field: the cup had to go. It was, like, a moment of exultation. It wasn’t a calculated thing at all. It was a hiccup that resulted in a bummer.”

Van Wyck would like to emphasize that it was a “lightweight plastic mug” that he chucked. “It’s not something I normally do, I don’t really throw things often. I mean, I get things thrown at me because I play live shows all the time. I’ve been hit with actual bottles, I’ve had beer poured onto my head. You know, ‘Do unto others as you would have done unto you’—it was a small, tiny plastic cup! I would not mind if that came at me. I think to react like that, he [Buzzo] must have thought it was a glass… but it hit him in the leg, and the show stopped!”

“To be honest,” van Wyck continued, “I thought at that point, it was like, ‘Yeah, I threw a cup! C’mon—let’s rock 'n' roll, here!’ But, uh, no, that wasn’t the case. The show did not go on. Security totally threw down and dragged me out, I was handcuffed and put in a paddy wagon, which was so disgusting; it was covered in blood and grossness. And I wound up with a 15 dollar ticket for being drunk in public. And a ride home, I guess.” (Van Wyck, like the author, “didn’t even know they had fines that low.”)

Van Wyck may take some comfort in the reaction of punk scribe Chris Walter to the incident: “They quit because someone threw booze on them? In a plastic cup? What the fuck? That’s lame, I’m sorry! I was at a DOA show and some idiot threw a beer bottle that almost hit Joe. We all beat the shit of the guy and Joe broke a wine bottle over his head. Then DOA finished the set.”

That’s the punk rock way to do it, Buzzo!

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A. MacInnis
(You can see the cup toss at about 35 seconds in)
Rating: +1
This shit was just taking off too!!! that dance was the beginning of a very beautiful thing.

Such an awesome show from beginning to unfortunate end, the Melvins killed it! Great sound and so heavy.

Never mind rock'n'roll attitude the cup throw was super stupid and disrespectful. Anyone can take mushrooms and drink whiskey, but it takes a special type of idiot to do this, the worst. Weak excuse. Check yo self.
Rating: 0
Van Wiggity Wack
I'll keep this in mind next time Shearing Pinx is opening for a band i respect.
Rating: -5
yes , very very stupid, believe me i'm sorry Vancouver , The best news i've gotten all day long was from the promoter who informed me that they were on their last verse anyways and that buzz apologized afterward for overreacting, whew!
Rating: +39
Stations of the Crass
Yeah, beating the shit out of people is the punk rock way. Thanks, Georgia Straight.
Rating: -7
Martin Dunphy
Al, "an unruly tenor was growing"? Zombie Pavorotti not behaving himself again?
Throw him some provolone.
Damned operatic undead.
Rating: +19
P Dub
Who was it that said "One of my main things that I love is cute violence. Cute violence always works. That's one of my favorite things"?

Oh yeah. It was Buzz Osborne. Two weeks ago.
Rating: +10
I was super bummed when I saw that cup end the show. It was obvious that the the show was at a close. But it was a bummer. I was over it right away but then I read the article. Seeing how unapologetic he is for ending an incredible show early was a bit disturbing. Especially when you consider the fact he chucked his garbage at the band he paid to see and just wrote it off as its punk rock. If someone threw their garbage in his face at his work and just laughed it off I'm sure he would be a bit pissed off for a bit.
Rating: +1
Ben Gazarra
"playing Melvins tunes when most of the crowd were in diapers" bwahahaha aren't Shearing pinx a millenial internet generation band themselves? How old are you? A whopping 29? 30? I'm sure the Melvins had to endure shitty crowds in the 80s when this kind of music was underground. Why should a grown man have to endure some hipster clown use him for target practice 30 years later.? If rock n' roll is so important then why doesn't Shearing Pinx rock?
Rating: +10
Von hula hoop
Dale was about to bust out the hula hoop
Thanks a lot Jeremy von stink-up-the-night
Rating: -5
Band of hosers
Walter summerson and jeremy von dink should start a band
Rating: +7
if you're bad at drugs please don't do them where you're inability to hang on and or be cool is going to affect hundreds of people. Also buzzo overreacted.
Rating: +22
Adrian Mack
Ridiculous. The guy threw a plastic cup, he didn't attack him with a fucking machete. Amazing how the keyboard vigilantes are piling on Jeremy. Maybe y'all need to squeegee your third eye with some of his shrooms and get some clarity here. It was Buzzo who decided to throw an Axl Rose star fit and deprive everyone of the show, all because he was grazed by a feather light plastic cup, for Christ's sake.
Rating: -4
James Blatchford
Must have been aiming for the singer...the only crime is a lousy toss.
Rating: +7
stone cold steve austin
It sucks the band had to stop, because some drunk/high loser threw something at the stage. I wish the Melvin's took him up on stage and publicly humiliated him. Hopefully someone will go see his band and heckle him in return.
Rating: 0
Pay back time...
Whose up for going to the next Shearing Pinx show with me?! We'll do mushrooms, drink whiskey hi-balls and throw pint glasses!
Rating: -8
Bc citizen
Add BC Ferries...
Rating: -7
Blood and grossness
Play live van wyck. I'll pay top dollar to see your band and chuck shit at you.
Rating: -211
A. MacInnis
Martin - You got me: I actually had to consult the dictionary just now to double-check that I had used "tenor" correctly (in the sense of "the course of thought or argument running through something written or spoken," so whew, I'm okay). But thanks for the vivid image!

Tim - Jeremy was VERY apologetic; if my article doesn't make that clear enough for you, he comments above explicitly to say he's sorry. But I guess you've never done dumb things that had unfortunate consequences, far beyond what you ever had imagined, eh? I sure have, and my guess is that Jeremy feels bad enough about the effects of his actions without being pummeled online...

Stations - I'm actually pretty sure, given the choice between the Melvins treatment and the DOA treatment, Jeremy would settle for what he got... but seriously, have you ever been to a punk rock show? Shit flies all over the place. I remember seeing Facepuller chuck a fucking RUNNING LAWNMOWER into the pit once (the blade or whatever was removed, but still). I saw Jim Cummins take a beercan to the head while opening for the Dead Kennedys and not miss a chord. In the Subhumans days of old, Brian "Wimpy Roy" Goble used to get dragged into the pit and stripped by the audience (a practiced that was thankfully discontinued for their reunion shows); I've seen photos of Jello Biafra after he's received the same treatment. And just LISTEN to Metallic KO sometime, to hear Iggy taunting the audience to chuck stuff at him, so he could roll around in the debris and broken glass onstage...

...I mean, fer fecksake, just LOOK at the video... the cup doesn't seem particularly malicious or targeted; contra Jeremy's considerate attempt to second-guess King Buzzo, it doesn't seem like it's made of glass; it doesn't seem to make much of an impact; it doesn't seem like anything. It was a dumb move, agreed, but surely Buzzo's reaction was a little, errrm, touchy, just a mite excessive, just a bit on the rockstar side, no?

Not that I can't understand that, either... I've done the occasional touchy and excessive thing in my time, too... but, I mean, can't we all just forgive each other and hug? Must we chide each other so...? Sigh...

Mack - thanks for the lucidity! Keyboard vigilantes indeed... sheesh...
Rating: -1
Drama Queen Buzzo?
Rating: -19


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