The White Buffalo at the Biltmore


Ted Nugent is a flaming asswipe. We just wanted to get that out because the White Buffalo’s name reminds us of Nugent’s song “The Great White Buffalo”. If that bloodthirsty Nugent ever actually saw an albino bison, his first instinct would no doubt be to reach for his crossbow. Who knows what he’d think of Jake Smith, the Los Angeles singer-songwriter who has adopted the White Buffalo moniker? If he had any taste at all (which he almost certainly doesn’t), the Nuge would be a fan of Smith’s music, which takes a rough-and-ready, punk-informed approach to acoustic Americana. The bearded troubadour’s craggy-granite voice and the unvarnished emotional rawness of his lyrics have been known to turn perfectly reasonable adults into sobbing wrecks. Pack yourself an extra gingham handkerchief when the White Buffalo plays the Biltmore on Tuesday (December 10). Unless you’re an unrepentant mouth-breathing loogan like Nugent, you’re going to need it.

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