Good for Grapes plays the Vogue Theatre


A lot can change in 23 months. In January 2012, we reviewed a Sunday-night show at Electric Owl at which Good for Grapes held down the thankless middle slot. Our opinion was that if the evening had been a battle of the bands, the indie-folk act from Surrey would have taken the prize. Since then, Good for Grapes did, in fact, take home $10,000 when it placed fourth in this year’s Peak Performance Project. And instead of opening for the Oh Wells at a midsize nightclub, the band is now presenting its foot-stompin’-good tunes on the stages of thousand-seat theatres. When Good for Grapes plays the Vogue Theatre on Saturday (December 14), you can lord it over everyone there by announcing, “Yeah, they’re pretty good now, but you should have seen them at Electric Owl two years ago.” Or, if you want to be a real douche­nozzle about it, make all your friends envious by claiming to have seen Good for Grapes busking on the streets of Victoria way back in 2010. Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story.

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