Jon and Roy's Holiday Special at the Vogue Theatre


Nothing says Xmas like a good old-fashioned variety show. Remember when Dean Martin used to pour an extra shot of scotch during his Christmas specials, knowing full well that it wasn’t every day that Andy Gibb pulled his head out of the coke pile for an appearance on network television? And let’s not forget Marie Osmond’s Merry Christmas, featuring such legends as Kirk Cameron and Sally Struthers. If you liked those classics, you will goddamn love Jon and Roy’s Holiday Special at the Vogue Theatre on Friday (December 13). Instead of serving up sloppy Italian drunks and Mormons who agree to missionary sex once a month, the evening is hosted by Victoria’s favourite genre-jumping duo, with the guest list including Buck 65, Mother Mother’s ultra-hot Ryan Guldemond, Portlandia folk-rockers Horse Feathers, and, if you’re lucky, Sally Struthers, Kirk Cameron, and the ghost of Andy Gibb. 

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