Your fill of seasonal Stephen Hamm and Terry Russell


Speaking of man-boobs,Stephen Hamm and Terry Russell have elected to join this year’s annual Polar Bear swim at English Bay on January 1. The former members of Vancouver greats Slow and Tankhog will be taking to the icy waters in part to promo their Podcast “Waddayagonnado”—which was recently covered in Music Notes—but also as a broader act of “self-improvement”.

“We’re both portly gentlemen, we’re trying to raise our metabolism so that we can burn off our Christmas calories,” Hamm told the Straight. “Because we’re probably going to put on a few pounds at Christmas, right? One of the ways to raise your metabolism is to lower your body temperature. Terry’s taking cold showers, I tried it yesterday. It sucks, but anyhow...” Hamm added that whoever takes the best picture of the duo on the day will win either a $200 gift certificate from Bang-On T-shirts, “or our speedoes. They get to choose between the two prizes. I know what I would take.”

More info is at if that’s not enough Hamm for you, the bassist is also joining vintage psychotic surf-garage heroes the Enigmas for a reunion show at the WISE Hall on January 11, along with original members Paul McKenzie, Mike Davies, and Randy Bowman.

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