Noize To Go comes back


Dale Wiese has a long history in the Vancouver music scene, including stints at the stores Quintessence, Collector’s RPM, Track Records, and his own shop, Noize To Go, previously located next to A&B Sound on Seymour Street, in the district once known as Record Row. He was reno-victed from that space in 2009 but has a new location at 243 Union Street, half a block east of Main, in a space “a little bigger” than his previous shop “but just as cozy”.

“Being open again is like a real learning curve, a little like waking up after a long sleep and realizing you have to readjust to the changes,” Wiese told the Straight from his shop. “My hat definitely goes off to record-store owners who have kept going in these odd times for the music business.” Wiese also gives thanks to his landlord, Michael Leung, original Track Records–Noize founder Phil Saintsbury, and “all my customers from the past for all their positive encouragement over the past four years”.

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