Hannah Georgas at the Commodore


Our favourite artists are the ones who refuse to stay in one place artistically. Like the Beatles. And the Flaming Lips. And Cage the Elephant (whom you’ve probably never heard of but really should know). On her eponymous sophomore release from earlier this year, Hannah Georgas makes a good case that she belongs with that crowd (well, maybe not the Beatles, who are in their own stratosphere, but you get the idea). Where she once was pegged as a singer-songwriter happy to hang out at the local Bean Around the World, her second batch of songs marked a giant leap forward, drawing on dance pop, deep-freeze electronica, and jagged rock, among other styles. Georgas gives you the chance to secure future I-saw-her-when bragging rights when she headlines the Commodore this Thursday (December 19). It’s going to be like the Fab Four playing Empire Stadium (although, admittedly, maybe just a bit different).

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