Keithmas IV at Electric Owl


It’s that time of year again when we come together in celebration of the birth of the one who came to this mortal coil in ancient times to reveal universal truths so that all may come to the light. Yes, we’re talking about Keith Richards, who celebrated his 70th year among us made of mere flesh and blood on December 18. On Friday (December 20), at the behest of organizer John Hewer, a bunch of local acts will take to the stage of Electric Owl to play songs by the full-time Rolling Stones guitarist and part-time solo artist. Performers at the fourth annual fundraiser for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank include No Sinner, Rich Hope and His Blue Rich Rangers, the Ramores, the Rentalmen, the Highway Kind, Spoon River, Skinny Kids, and the Ancient Weavers. Now, there are those who would argue that St. Keith is closer to hell than he is to heaven, but even if that’s the case, shouldn’t we all have a bit of sympathy for the devil?

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