Rusty Ford's My Truck, My Dog, and You is country gold

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      My Truck, My Dog, and You (Independent)

      What might be most impressive about My Truck, My Dog, and You is that most classic-country fans won’t get the joke. Rusty Ford is based in Lotusland, but the golden-great tunes on this completely professional full-length seem beamed in from the boardrooms of Nashville circa ’74.

      With zero imagination, you can picture rural Midwestern shit-kickers loving “I Hate Every Bone in Your Body (Except Mine)” and “I Miss You But My Aim’s Improving”—without, of course, understanding that Ford is singing every line with a knowing wink, even if he sounds more serious than Johnny Cash on “Hurt”.

      As for you, if a hard-working pickup owner staggering around the Airstream piss-drunk, yelling at the wife and kids while unironically singing “I Drink Because You Cry”, seems hilarious, get ready for country gold.

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