Keith Urban at Rogers Arena


When it comes to Keith Urban, it’s hard to know what to be most impressed by. Let’s start with the fact that the New Zealand–born dude is from Australia, yet has somehow made a multiplatinum career out of singing country songs to Americans. Not only that, but those country songs are about good old-fashioned Made in the U.S.A. things like trucks and crying in one’s Jim Beam, as opposed to wrangling kangaroos and drinking Foster’s in the outback. Equally laudable is the fact that Urban—who plays Rogers Arena on Wednesday (January 15)—has solid mainstream-country credentials despite the fact that the only time he’s seen the plains of Montana or the Texas badlands is from the seat of his lushly appointed tour bus. But what’s most incredible is that the dude gets to see Nicole Kidman in her birthday suit any time he wants. And we’re not talking about popping in a DVD of Eyes Wide Shut, Dead Calm, Cold Mountain, Moulin Rouge!, Malice, Billy Bathgate, The Portrait of a Lady, Birthday Girl, The Human Stain, and/or Birth. To name a few.

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