Winterruption goes indie


It’s produced by the Coastal Jazz and Blues Society, but this year’s annual Winterruption festival skews heavily toward indie rock and alterna-folk—or at least its two ticketed events do. The event lineup, as released on Wednesday (January 15), finds local pop prog-rockers We Are the City in the headlining slot with a Performance Works show on February 14; Wake Owl will bring its somewhat mellower sounds to the same venue a day later.

The free afternoon shows, however, look more like what CJBS brings to its other annual event, a little thing called the Vancouver International Jazz Festival. Bop and postbop aficionados shouldn’t miss Monk’s Music on February 15, in which drummer Dan Gaucher and an all-star cast revisit the timeless compositions of one Thelonious Sphere Monk, while pianist Jillian Lebeck will work her own blend of the old and new in a trio program of original songs on the 16th. Also appearing is Arab-improv fusion sextet Qalandar. More details at the Coastal Jazz website.

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