String Fling returns to Vancouver


After coaxing the Gay Nineties, among others, to join the Four on the Floor String Quartet at the Rio Theatre last year, Michelle Faehrmann is all set to do it again. “I’m going ahead because year one was such a big success,” said the cellist and String Fling organizer, in a call to the Straight. “Basically, people have been asking me over and over again, ‘When is String Fling 2?’ And I’m like, ‘Wow, if you only knew how much work it took to do this.’ ”

Heavy lifting aside, Faehrmann has roped together another strong bill for the Rio Theatre show, taking place February 6, with guests including Ryan Guldemond, Brandon Scott (of Yukon Blonde), Steve Bays, Parker Bossley, and Rococode’s Laura Smith. Each artist is backed up by Faehrmann and her three partners, who also contribute some “quirky covers” of their own. The idea? “To show how everything is awesome with strings!”

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