Jake Bugg at the Orpheum Theatre


He’s a successful 19-year-old singer with the initials “J.B.”, but other than that, you’d never mistake Jake Bugg for Justin Bieber. That’s because the rising English tunesmith doesn’t act like a flaming asswipe every chance he gets. Oh, and his music isn’t godawful. Actually, Bugg’s songs have earned him comparisons to no less than Bob Dylan, and although he denies Dylan is an influence, he at least knows who the man is, whereas one gets the impression that Bieber’s knowledge of music history goes no further back than the first Usher album. But enough about that guy. Bugg, whose unassumingly catchy “Lightning Bolt” was one of the best singles of 2013, headlines the Orpheum Theatre on Tuesday (January 21). As for Bieber, he’ll probably be in jail by then. But enough about that guy.

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